Hi! So you want to know more? Here are my/our stats

Me – 43 – Him 39

I was diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’ back in 2011. It’s since become apparent I have auto-immune issues which seem to be the cause… oh and old eggs. We undertook 6 IVF cycles all but 1 were negative. I did fall pregnant on my last own egg IVF cycle in October 2013 but miscarried at 9 weeks.
In March 2014 we headed to Cape Town South Africa to undertake a donor egg cycle which has resulted in our adorable little girl “E” born in November 2014 – I’m heading back to Cape Town solo in late May 2015 for a FET with two ‘iffy’embryos.

Update – those iffy embryos didn’t take so we all returned to SA in Sept 2015 for a fresh cycle with a new donor – this cycle was also negative. For now we are on a break and I am focusing on other things for a while. We may attempt one more cycle in a year or so.


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