Testing Week…

Not as in trying my patience, but literally our donor is being tested this week… I’m hoping like crazy she passes her psych, and blood screening tests, I also hope that her AMH is average, I don’t want it too high or I’ll worry or too low and we will have to choose another donor. I want it just right… a nice 2.5 would be good. They use a different scale for AMH in South Africa ranging from 0-5, anything over 1.2 is considered decent getting up near 5 is PCOS territory. While I know that AMH is only an indicator, we have to grab at the straws we are given in this donor egg caper, there’s only so much we can control.

Once our donor is screened and hopefully deemed suitable, we can start booking things like flights and accommodation. I’ve found this really lovely cottage in the same suburb as the clinic via Airbnb, the lady who owns it is just lovely – she’s offered us her daughters cot and change table etc. to make things easier for us which is just brilliant…  she’s also trying to hold our dates for us until the testing results come through, but I got an email over night that someone else wants to book the first few days of our stay – I told her to go ahead and let them book as I really don’t want to put her out. So we might just have to stay at the Vineyard for our first two nights in Cape Town (oh what a bother) actually it makes a bit more sense to stay in a hotel while we sleep and adjust. Last thing I want to be doing jet lagged is grocery shopping and cooking dinner.

I had my fertility specialist appointment here yesterday to organise my scripts etc. it was nice to catch up with my old fertility specialist, she just basically writes my scripts and that’s it – they cannot be seen to be aiding an overseas cycle, so any questions i had about timing etc. she told me to talk to the South African clinic. So there is a bit of self management involved with these cycles, but I’m used to that.

This is my last ever IVF cycle – it feels weird to think of that while preparing for it, I’m trying not to over order any medications as I’ll just have to give them away if we are unsuccessful.  I’ve also mentally moved on to the next big thing in my life (more on that later, and perhaps another blog) so I’m at peace with this being it if that’s the hand we are dealt.


If Not Cycling, Then What?

There’s not too much to write about at the moment – we are in the ‘waiting’ stage again. Waiting for our donor to be tested (actually waiting to be told the date she will be tested, so waiting to wait if you will). My husband has the go ahead from his work as to when he can travel and the answer is September… so we will hopefully be going an month earlier than first expected. I emailed my nurse last night to confirm this would be ok but am yet to hear back – I can’t see it would be an issue, it’s still 10 weeks or so away and our donor said she’s happy to cycle at any time.

I am happier that we might be going a bit sooner though – I am very impatient to be closing the door on this whole TTC business, it’s taken up so much of our lives over the past 5 years. I often wonder though, if not cycling, then what?  It is so all consuming either own egg IVF or donor egg IVF,  your whole life revolves around your cycle and the result of your cycle. I am the type of person who has a plan B, C & sometimes D in place going into a cycle too, so there are no surprises. I guess if we get pregnant, we focus on the birth, but if we don’t get the positive result we are seeking, what do you focus on when it’s your last ever cycle?