33 Weeks… last week of work

So excited (and also petrified) to be finishing work this week. Excited, because it means I can nap every afternoon should I need to (and generally I do), and petrified because work is a big part of my identity after 10.5 years with this company. The thought of 15 months ahead of me with no work commitment is a bit daunting really. My online calendar goes from flat out to nothing at the end of Oct.

I’ve been training my replacement over the last week and in doing so made me realise how much I actually do – when most of the time I feel like I have a cruisey job. I think after a while, once you know a job you just roll with it and know that the stressful things will pass.  It’s also a shame that my replacement seems like someone who I’d love to have on my team while I’m actually still working there! The team I manage are flawed at best, and this girl is a gun… I could only imagine how good my team would be with both her and I working at the same time.  *sigh*.

So I did a bit of a ‘read over’ on the blog and got to the bit where I said that I could only feel little flutters from the peanut a couple of posts ago … well those days are over, now my whole stomach rolls over as she flexes her body or does star jumps or whatever the hell she’s doing in there. It’s quite comical to watch my stomach sit on a lopsided angle and then suddenly morph over to the other side. DH was pressed up against my stomach talking to her the other morning, and every time he spoke she’d give a little kick. He also can hear her heartbeat when he puts his ear directly on my tummy now which is very sweet.

I’m seeing the OB fortnightly now and it’s been indicated that I’ll likely be induced at 38 weeks due to the GD, but it will also be dependent on how my cervix is looking at 38 weeks. In all honesty I want her out by 39 weeks as I’ve read the studies on the increase in  stillbirth in the over 40’s who go over 39 weeks. The figures shoot up greatly after that mark…. so we’ll see how we go but I’ve already mentioned it to the OB – he is still non committal. I have a growth scan in 3 weeks – we’ll take grandma along to this one as she’s never seen one, all the other ones we’ve had have been too nerve wracking for me to have her there in case something was wrong, but I’m more relaxed about this one and I know she’ll get a kick out of it.

DH is currently overseas and back on Sunday thankfully – it’s hard having him away, especially as he is chief bra un-hooker of an evening due to my carpal tunnel,  I now have to spin my bra around to get it off. I also have trouble unscrewing mineral water bottles.  The emotional support is also greatly missed…and my morning cuddles,  oh and his dog walking abilities.

My sister is putting on a little baby shower for me in a couple of weeks which should be fun… I don’t think I’ve ever even been to one. Oddly enough it was my big Samoan brother in law who really wants to do it, so blokes are welcome – my nephew who is 13 is also intrigued about this secret women’s business so it will be interesting to see his reaction if they pull out that old nutella in a nappy game.

The GD is being managed much better with insulin, even though I have to keep increasing my dosage, it means I can generally keep to a similar diet (with less carbs) and keep within my blood glucose levels.

Only 5-6 weeks to go for me now – I’ve still only put on 2kgs which I’m happy about – the baby can have all the weight gain! I’ll be interested to see what kind of size she is!


Gestational freakin’ Diabetes

Trust me to get it!  I knew it really – given the odds are 3 -8% of women get it … I had to be in that small minutia of society. I’m hoping my luck with these types of odds will now skew towards the good things in life like winning that Royal Women’s Hospital display house up the road next month, but that remains to be seen (standby for confirmation).

So in a comedy of errors I sat the GTT last Tuesday (do you sit that test? I digress…) and the OB told me I would have the results on Thursday. “Should I expect a call either way?” I asked him. “No, we’ll just call if you have it.” This system seemed flawed and long winded to me, but what the hey, I’ll go with it.

Thursday comes and goes and no phone call so I break out the gluten free chocolate ganache cake for dessert that night. Friday morning I’m going about my business and my phone rings and I see my OB’s name on the screen. I’m almost incredulous as I answer… “you can’t call me now!!! It’s Friday! That’s not allowed!”  He seemed a bit taken aback by my outrage. But damn it, I’ve got it… not only that he says, but it was my fasting number that was high, not even the measurments after the drink. So that’s not a great sign – and will likely mean insulin for me. I have to do a week or so of testing first to see what my average results are.

So now I’m living the joy that only the life of a Coeliac Diabetic can live. I’m miserable. I’m aimless… I have no clue what I can really eat nor when. I have an appointment with the dieticians at my hospital on Tuesday  but until then I’m kind of just muddling my way through and trying to eat clean.

In good news, peanut is measuring bang on according to fundal height… I also think I’ll be getting some more scans as a result of having GD so that’s a bit of a silver lining too.  We have our all day intensive birth class tomorrow from 9am to 6pm which we are looking forward to. I think the husband’s head will be spinning after that.

In other news, the husband also has to go overseas soon, which I’m not entirely wrapt about. First off it was supposed to be this Monday for two weeks, then they moved it forward 10 days, and now it’s the last week in Oct.  I’ll be 33 weeks then. While I initially freaked out and said he couldn’t go – I realised, I was over reacting slightly, chances are things will be ok until 35 weeks at least. I just wish it wasn’t Europe he is going to, but somewhere closer, should something happen (don’t think about your luck with low odds emski).

We are picking up our new baby and two big dog friendly car today which we’re excited about.  We ended up buying a new Hyundai Santa Fe in the end, after much deliberating over second hand cars, it came down to fuel efficiency, 4wd capability for the farm and ease of driving for me and comfortable parking the thing in the city. This car ticked all those boxes and came in the same as a second hand Toyota Kluger.  The husband will then be putting in the capsule before he goes away.

Just over 3 weeks of work left for me! And I’m 30 weeks on Sunday!