Yep it worked! I didn’t want to bog you all down with my neuroses during the two week wait… so I spared you the pee stick shots etc.  Needless to say I was peeing on sticks as soon as I got home, at first I thought it was a chemical because the line was so faint (at 10dpo mind you – the tww does insane things to your reasoning skills)… but first beta came in at 163 and yesterdays was 438 so rising really well. I bit the bullet and booked in with my old OB so I could secure a spot with him as they book out crazy early here.  My first scan is on the 13th so fingers crossed that all goes well. When I see a heartbeat I start to relax a bit more and get a bit more excited … until then I’m quietly happy! I did have a bit of a bleed the other night (nothing is ever smooth sailing) so have upped my progesterone to 1 x PIO and one Crinone daily now in attempt to get the levels up. Hoping they stay nice and high but am being monitored with twice weekly blood tests thankfully. I have to say, my Marie Claire fertility specialist has been such a dream to work with this time around and her team – all my questions are answered and I don’t have to repeat my story a thousand times with going overseas to do the cycle. It makes it so much easier!


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