Short People…

Sorry for the drop off!  Things got a bit crazy around here and my 4th beta was a bit wonky and on the low side so I of course panicked and thought the worst.  I wasn’t very confident going into my scan but the baby was seen at 6+3 with a heartbeat of 117 bpms, and bang on track. My worry free time was cut short at the end of the meeting with the sonographer when she gave me my written report and said, ‘now I’ve put here that your cervix is at 2.5 cms which is short, but I didn’t want you to see that and worry’…You know what lady? I have no idea what length my cervix should be and if you hadn’t pointed it out I would have been oblivious until perhaps my meeting with my OB… but now of course I get home and google it… and reams of info come up on people having second trimester miscarriage due to incompetent cervix and needing cervical stitches etc., babies falling out in the toilet and all other horrific stories.  If you measure under 2.5 you’re considered high risk … brilliant, and I’m only 6 weeks at this stage. So I dig through my files and find my ultrasound report from when I had my first scan with E and I was 2.9 cms for that pregnancy at the same time… my measurement just before leaving for Cape Town this trip was 2.5cms… so I think the D&C might have contributed.

I had booked in with the same OB I saw last time, so when I found this out I had no idea if I should be doing anything differently.. ie seeing him earlier, bedrest etc. so rang for advice. He got his secretary to call me back and tell me he wasn’t worried and that nothing could be done until the second trimester anyway.  And I just lay in bed that night and thought, ok this is the way it’s going to be the whole way through with this pregnancy with this OB – he’s very low intervention, low fuss and if he can’t be bothered actually talking to me about my fears over the phone already, I don’t think he’s the guy for me in this pregnancy. I had pre-eclampsia last pregnancy and it was only picked up when I was at a random GP appointment and I was made to feel like a freak for wanting an elective C section- I just don’t think I could deal with it again. I want to be monitored, micro-managed  and confident I can be as neurotic about this pregnancy as I like and not be fobbed off.  So I switched to a high risk OB who a couple of friends have used and have been really happy with and they by no means had ‘easy pregnancies’ or  ‘easy past pregnancies’ – this guy is also a MFM specialist and had headed up the Obstetrics team at the major women’s hospital  here in Melb. I’ve also joined a group on Facebook for Aus ladies with incompetent cervix, just to get info and to have some idea what I’m dealing with – he comes highly recommended from those in the group who have used him in there and he has experience in doing cervical stitches / cervical abdominal stitches which not many do.

So I am sleeping easier at night as a result of making this change… my first appointment with him is on the 8th which is seeming like an eternity away – and I’m hoping the bean is still hanging in there at that point which will be 9 weeks.  Symptoms wise, it’s pretty mild… super sore boobs, complete exhaustion (but that could just be life with a toddler) and on and off nausea but nothing a maxalon won’t fix.  My arse is bruised and lumpy as I’m still on PIO shots… most stop them and move on to crinone at 6 weeks but because I had a drop in progesterone early on and also because I’ve read that progesterone can help with keeping the cervix length stable I’m powering on until 11 weeks on the injections.





for scan day… I’m booked in on the 13th which is actually pretty early, but still seems a long time away.

I’ve had a few blood tests just to check things are rising and that my progesterone is ok…

Beta#1 @ 13.5 DPO – 163 / Progesterone 190

Beta#2 @ 15.5 DPO – 438 / Progesterone 70

Beta#3 @ 19 DPO – 2195 / Progesterone 97

I’m due for another beta on Thurs and then my scan will be at 6+1 weeks on the 13th. Holding onto my hat until then.