25 Weeks – Rolling with the Punches

or constipation… or whatever these pains are in my side… I’m not really sure, but they started yesterday afternoon and stayed with me until I went to sleep last night.  I felt good when I woke up. I’m hoping it’s just my organs competing for space as the baby grows but I’m not too sure. I ended up paging my OB at about 8.30 last night as I was worried, but he seemed to think it was just ‘one of those things’ … and advised to have some paracetamol and a lie down… which to his credit did work. But I can slowly feel it creeping back in today, it starts like my pants are too tight in the waist (but they aren’t) and progresses to a full on achey pain between just below my breasts down to about my belly button on my left side – last night it hurt to touch my left side. I’m hoping it sorts itself out soon.  I had my gallbladder out a few years ago so it can’t be that, but feels slightly similar to the dull achey pain I would get with the beginnings of an attack with that, perhaps it’s just a sluggish system in general? I’ve been packing in the fruit to help things along. Peanut is kicking away in there which is reassuring me with these pains.

In other news, I’m obsessed with prams at the moment. All my stuff arrived that my boss gave to us, but the pram included isn’t going to work for us as the husband goes off road down to the park a lot so we need an ‘all terrain’ number – whereas the one we were given is more a city / sidewalk stroller.  I’m looking at the Baby Jogger City Select with a single seat – am currently bidding on one on ebay. We’ll see how we go. The bonus with that one is that it can be converted to a double pram easily (should we dare go back to SA for another).

Not much else to report. The ‘nursery’ is an absolute mess with all the dismantled baby stuff in there – but we’ll get there maybe this weekend, with at least getting things assembled. It is still going to be the husband’s work station in there so we’ll likely put the cot in our room once she’s out of the bassinet and just use that room for changes/clothes etc. until later on. 

I only have just over 8 weeks of work left and they have advertised my position this week which is a bit surreal. I honestly would be happy to finish now given these aches and pains, (oh and the pregnancy related carpal tunnel I’ve aquired), but would no doubt get very bored over the next 3 months. So I’ll grin and bear it and work from home as much as possible.  We have our antenatal classes in about a month. The husband is super excited about those as we’re doing an ‘all day intensive’  – I’m quite looking forward to it myself!