11 weeks

I’ve been slack with my updating – I’ll blame my pregnancy related exhaustion and the fact that morning sickness finally set in over the past couple of weeks for me.

We had our 10 week scan last week and everything was looking textbook – peanut was in there waving his/her arm around wildly and we had the blood draw for the Harmony test (hopefully we’ll get those results soon). So all is looking great! 

Of course now that 10 days have passed since that scan I am now wondering if everything is still alright… after all I stopped all my meds on the day of the scan. I don’t think I’ll ever stop worrying.  Our next scan is at 13 weeks which seems like an eternity away after all my close monitoring. 

So I bought a doppler, which arrived a couple of days ago and I’m yet to find the heartbeat. Totally normal I know as it’s still quite early, but it still gets those cogs turning in the back of my mind. I’ve put it away until next week and I’ll try again then.

We will start telling people after the 13 scan and our Harmony chromosome results are in  – we will know the sex with these results too which is very exciting.  I’m thinking of asking  them to write it in an envelope that I can pick up – we have a family lunch this Sunday so it would be good if we could open it with everyone else. 




With wonky wheels…

Another bit of bleeding, another day…  I think that’s just the way it’s going to be for me, but I could do without the bleeding happening on a Friday afternoon every time.  So I’d had a good run, 10 days without a bleed since that massive one at 6 and a bit weeks. Then on Friday I went to the loo and there it was again. Granted it was nothing like the ‘Big Bleed’, but they all start small. So I was worried.  Tried to put it out of my mind but couldn’t even though I’d just had a scan three days prior and everything looked textbook.

So I rang the OB and he squeezed me in today for a reassurance scan.  We both agreed this is just the way it might be for me, he’s no longer too concerned about my bleeding he told me, “you’ve had three great scans and things are doing what they should so I don’t put you in my worry basket” – I therefore will also try not to put myself in the worry basket.

Still a bit of cramping on and off but I think it is my uterus stretching to accommodate the peanut – there’s a lot of growing between 8 and 10 weeks so I assume that’s what it is.  My morning sickness is pretty mild – on and off, just feeling blah – a couple of gagging heaves and that’s it, so at this stage I’m thinking I’m getting of lightly. Perhaps the peanut is taking pity on me because of the bleeding?

I’m booked in for the Harmony test on Monday – someone mentioned it can’t be done with a donor egg pregnancy but I rang the scanning place and asked the OB and they both said it’s fine to do with donor eggs. So I thought it’s worth putting it out there for others.  We will also do the 12 week scan as well to cover all bases.

Soon I will look at perhaps purchasing some baby related things… I have to admit I’m a bit in love with this convertible bassinet to junior bed thing http://www.babykingdom.com.au/images/full2/cocoon_cot_natural.jpg

All on track…

I had another follow up scan yesterday at 8w1d and we’re still looking good! Heart rate was up to 167bpm and peanut had grown, I can’t remember the CRL measurement because the OB told me then found the heartbeat to listen to so I was transfixed by that!  Wow what an experience to hear that heartbeat. Unfortunately DH had to work and couldn’t make that appointment, but I have my 10 week scan and Harmony/NIPT testing in two weeks along with another scan and he’ll be at that one (we will also find out the gender with this test also).  Still measuring about 3-4 days behind but I don’t worry about that anymore, I’m just really glad we are seeing decent growth between each check up.

I have had my first bout of morning sickness over the last couple of days – just a lot of dry heaving with no follow through but I can tell that’s going to get real old real quick… I’m nowhere near as bad as some of the women I’ve heard about though so I’m quite happy with my mild ‘sometimes’ nausea and gagging.