20 Weeks

Hurrah! Our little baba ganoush is 20 weeks this week. We had our morphology scan on Monday and everything was present and accounted for (with no extras) and exactly where it should be so everything is looking great.

I’m starting to feel little movements now, but still nothing ground breaking, little twitches here and there, but she was moving like crazy at the ultrasound so I’m sure to feel stronger kicks and prods as she gets stronger in there.

I have now replaced my IVF/Donor Egg obsession with Modern Cloth Nappies (or diapers for my American followers) I’m totally obsessed. But how could you not be when they are as cute as this?

Lil Joeys

So here is my favourite pic from the ultrasound just gone – we did get better full body shots, but I just love this little one.


foot right way