Once More Into the Breach Dear Friends…

Here we go again. Cycle number 9 or 10… I can’t remember and I can’t be bothered thinking it through. I know it will be donor egg cycle #4 though and I am feeling surprisingly positive for someone who is not going around this block the first time.

I have a good feeling. I’m relaxed, I’m ready… I’m optimistic. I’m going in with the best chance I’ve had in a long time I think.  Young donor whose AMH came back as ‘excessive response’,  good past donations, pregnancies from previous donations, a 2 month break between her last cycle and ours.

I’ve lost 31kgs had a D&C /Hysteroscopy last weekend so I’m all cleaned out and ready to go. I’m down regulated, had a good period before starting my meds a few weeks ago… start my estrogen, clexane and prednisolone on Monday and away we go.

My flights are booked – out on the 15th, EPU scheduled for the 13th (our sperm is already there)  so I know before I get on the plane how many eggs we are dealing with and hopefully a fertilisation report, day 3 is 16th Jan and I arrive in the night before , hopefully I’ll have a couple of days to relax have a glass of wine or two, have some great South African food, swim in the hotel pool and prepare for a day 5 transfer on the 18th, fly home on the 21st (Premium Economy thank god!). This just feels right! And if it’s not right, I’m actually (for once) ok with that outcome.