Option 2

I went with option 2 – new donor, fresh cycle … freakin’ ruthless in selection.  She’s yet to be screened but has has 3 previous donations and they have all been successful with good egg numbers 2/3 cycles have resulted in pregnancies, the other they had a lot of frozen embryos to go back for.  She’s 25, a non smoker, sounds interesting, looks nothing like me but I don’t care.  So I await her blood test results and hope that I get my treatment plan by the end of this month… I really hope I do as I was naughty and booked my flights already. Damned if I’m going to sit around and watch fares go up (and even managed to nab a premium economy seat for the return long haul flight on sale).. she was cycling for another couple last month and has to rest a couple of weeks after the cycle before doing her blood tests/scans.  Whatever will be will be … I can’t believe I’m pretty unflappable with this cycle so far, might help that I’m now on anti anxiety meds.. things that would have sent me into a tail spin on any other cycle just kinda mildly annoys me this time around. I’ve had a few health issues too which seem to have resolved, but for a while there I thought I didn’t have any business even thinking about another baby… but all my tests and scans are clear and I’m feeling much much better so I’m back on track now.  Just have to get through this silly season and then I’ll be away before I know it.


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