Must Be the Season of the Witch…


Gah…  and she shows up. I’m really not sure why? I’ve been on Synarel for about 10 days now, I thought that would thwart her efforts, but apparently not. I love how she waits until hubby is out the door and I’m solo parenting and in true Murphy’s Law the baby decided to wake up every hour last night from 1am until 7am (I went to bed at midnight).  So I’m not feeling all that flash today!

At first I panicked thinking it would effect my cycle, but I double checked my plan and if I had a normal regular cycle, I’d only be due to start estrogen on the 22nd anyway so this is kind of backwards, perfect timing… I could have done without the 10 days of Synarel though and those godawful cramps!

The husband has been doing some baby info recon for me on his trip over to Europe, querying the Singapore Airlines staff about the logistics of travelling with the baby – yes we can take our stroller right up to the gate, they will take it from us there and give it to us again at the other side in our transit in Singapore. Yes we can all use the Gold Lounge in Singapore for a shower and some food etc. (thank God!). I also asked him to check out the baby bassinets in economy for me to see what we are in for, but I doubt he will.

I’m glad we decided to fly Singapore in the end. They ended up being the cheapest for us to use as we had some points to put towards the trip, but also they have a great reputation as the best airline to fly internationally with children, we can use the posh lounge while in transit, the food is generally ok and we earn more points by using them. Down side is, it’s a slightly longer trip with them by about 3 hours.

Ok I have to go – lady muck has awoken from her slumber…


3 thoughts on “Must Be the Season of the Witch…

  1. Glad to have run into your blog via Baby Science Project’s link. I’m an American woman married to a fella from Melbourne 🙂

    We are getting ready to do our first DEIVF (transfer the first week of October) and it’s so interesting to see what folks in other countries are dealing with (both what’s similar and what’s way different, like medications, logistics, etc.).

    Best of luck to you!!!

    • Hi, yes very different in different countries, I’m on an American support thread – they are all blown away that I can do a nasal spray over lupron hehe – will keep an eye on your blog and cheer you on x

      • Aw you did not just say nasal spray! oy! 🙂 Well the tummy shots of Bravelle didn’t bother me in the past, what I’m not looking forward are the bum shots of Delestrogen that are intramuscular…ugh!

        thanks for the kind words!

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