Hello Insomnia My Old Friend

Bloody hell… I wish I could sleep. I was up until 3am last night which was just ridiculous. Just laying in bed, tossing and turning, looking at my phone, turning it off, rolling over, tossing and turning… repeat.  I’m finding it hard to sleep at the moment because I’m a natural born worrier, so I’m thinking about the ramifications of another baby in our life so soon. And then I think of the ramifications of two… then I think of the ramification if this cycle doesn’t work and we have to do a whole new cycle in Cape Town.Thinking of stupid things I can’t possibly know how to deal with until it actually happens.  It’s not helped by the Synarel I’m sure, one side effect listed is insomnia and I think I’ve got it. We also live literally 3 mins walk around the corner from a train station and all weekend they have been working on track repairs 24 hours a day to get it finished. So lots of clanging, trucks and generators in our normally pretty quiet suburb. I also watched a particularly depressing documentary last night with hubby and I’m wishing I hadn’t now.

We are also seriously thinking about extending our house, which of course I’m playing out in my head also, what will the layout be how cramped would it end up being (we really don’t have a huge block) would the dogs have enough room? Would we be better off selling and buying somewhere new?  And on it goes. In the end I took phenergan at 3am and told hubby he’d be on baby duty from the first morning feed. I didn’t even surface from bed until 11.30am  I felt like a teenager skulking out at that time.  But the baby was bathed, bottled, fed and watered and she and daddy were having a great morning together.

In other news we’ve just come out of a month long wonder week leap with E… I felt like high fiving hubby after that – truth is though she’s been pretty good for the last couple of weeks aside from some hysterics at bedtime. It amazes me that a baby can be so happy to go for a nap/sleep at any other time of the day or night, but that 6pm bedtime they absolutely crack it!  Quite bizarre.


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