Good Days, Bad Days

Motherhood can be hard. I was prepared I thought, before Edie came along, but I don’t think you ever truly are.
It’s not the routine I’ve found hard, I’m very lucky in that I have my husband on hand almost 24 hours a day to watch or take her if it’s a bit too much for me or if I need to nip to the supermarket, I’m very spoiled in that regard. But seeing my baby in pain… that has been very hard to deal with .

Edie is now almost 12 weeks and for the last 6 or so we have had all sorts of issues with her digestion, it started when I was still feeding EBM and was one of the reasons I weaned early. The trashing around while trying to feed was put down to reflux so she has been on Nexium for two weeks now… and while it has improved somewhat, to the outsider on some feeds it would seem like we are trying to kill our baby by feeding her. There’s a lot of screaming/writing and hysteria, it’s distressing for both her and us. We feel helpless and frustrated when we have one of these feeds (and it’s normally 3 out of the 6 feeds are like this), there’s nothing we can do to console her and it’s heartbreaking. She wants the bottle, but it hurts to take the bottle. Catch 22.

She also has colic – and on our current holiday to the tropics, she also had severe constipation. So it’s not been a very successful/relaxing holiday but we found our silver bullet (dare I say it) in a couple of forms. #1 Pear Juice 20mls straight for constipation when she is in obvious pain and not ‘gone’for more than a day. 20mls diluted in 30mls of cooled boiled water the day following one of these episodes. This seems (thankfully) to have fixed this issue. The poor little mite was straining in agony for about 48 hours to pass a rabbit pellet poo when we first got here. You’ve never seen two adults so happy to see a poo in a nappy in their lives as my husband and I on Australia Day while changing her in the back of the car. The relief was also evident on her face.

We have also changed her formula (again) we are up to number 4 now, but this one (touch wood) has resulted in 12 hours of harmonious feeds so far. Bellamy’s I could kiss you! We’ve eliminated the reflux formula that we’d been thickening her bottles with and so far it seems to be working. She is sleeping and settling well, and so far no colic-y episodes of excruitiating tummy pains have been evident. Sure she chucks a little more, but it doesn’t hurt her due to the Nexium, it’s just a bit more washing. As a result of this… the last day has been bliss on our holiday with a lovely happy smiley baby and two very happy adults. Let’s hope it stays this way.


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