13 Week NT Scan and NIPT results…


It’s a girl! We are over the moon!

Today was our 13 week NT scan and our NIPT test results came in as well today (we had to re-do them as there was not enough fetal DNA in the first sample trust me to be in that 3-4%!) and everything looks perfect! Such a relief for me as I’d been feeling decidedly ‘un-pregnant’ the last couple of days and it hasn’t helped that I still can’t find the babies heartbeat on the fetal doppler yet.  Also my last scan was on the day I stopped my estrogen and progesterone so I had a niggling in the back of my mind that something may have gone wrong since stopping the meds. But no. Everything is perfect!

My husband cried in the room at the ultrasound and seeing the look of absolute joy on his face when we found out the sex was amazing. He is so happy – and then in the next breath he said, ‘well we will have to go back again and go for a boy!’.

The peanut was squirming and wiggling around and we got a great 20 minutes of checking things out – the clinic gave us it all on video too as well as some pictures which is great.

We have finally announced our pregnancy too – although I am yet to do it on Facebook but will just do the ‘life event’ thing I think. Keep it simple. My work sent around an email announcing it and I’ve been flooded with well wishes all afternoon… so not much work has been done today as a result.

I’m already discussing my maternity leave plans with my boss which is bizarre, but in my line of work pre-christmas is our most busy and physical time, so I really have to have a plan in place. I have visions of me sitting in my office with barely a thing to do waiting for the clock to hit 5pm every day. I’m so used to being on the road and visiting stores, unpacking books etc. but it’s just not going to be possible.  But once you take that part of my job out of the equation there’s not much left to do!

The first thing on our agenda is to buy a new bed… we were supposed to buy one with my bonus that I got in March, but we ended up spending it in Cape Town 😐  … but I think it’s a necessity now… I tossed and turned last night and my lower back is so so sore. We are upgrading to a King Size latex mattress and a new bedframe (we picked it out last year) so we can both have our own mattresses but still be in the same bed.  We might have to have a bit of a freeze on spending around here over the next month or so to raise the funds.



9 thoughts on “13 Week NT Scan and NIPT results…

  1. OMG!!! Em congratulations!!!!!!! Tears here on this news. I’m so happy for you! After this massive journey you have a little peanut! 🙂
    Our bump is a little girl too, due in October.
    Best wishes to your little family.
    “shelly bear” from EB Over 40 and TTC with IVF/ICSI

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