Thankfully at my emergency scan the baby and heart beat were seen. The OB did say it looked a bit smaller than 6+3, which of course is what I am now fixated on. When I described to him what had happened the previous night he agreed that it was likely a miscarriage, so we were both a little surprised to see the sac and flicker on the screen.  He only did an external ultrasound so I’m not exactly sure how accurate it is, I know even a 1/4 of an inch can equal a few days in terms of measuring dates on these things.  He advised that I’m not out of the woods and I am pretty aware of that – always erring on the side of the negative as opposed to the positive in these situations, but that seeing a heart beat is a very reassuring thing.  I’ve been ordered onto a week of bed rest and I already had what was supposed to be my first scan booked on Tues at my old IVF clinic’s ultrasound practice so I’m holding out for that appointment as they are much more experienced in early pregnancy scans than the OB who would normally only see me from 9-10 weeks. 

I’m a little concerned my boobs don’t seem as painful, and my queasiness is not as pronounced as it was on Tues – there is always something to worry about in this caper. I also wonder if perhaps two of the embryos attached and I miscarried one? The OB said there’s no way to know now… I’ve stopped the clexane and the bleeding has now stopped completely which is such a relief at this stage I think I’d rather risk a clot from the estrogen to bleeding my baby out. The OB agreed that I should go off it for a while and take it from there. 

I’ll try to ring the ultrasound clinic tomorrow to see if any spots have freed up on Monday or earlier, perhaps if I explain my situation they might take pity on me and squeeze me in. I’d just really like to get an ‘expert’ scan done. If not, it’s just one more day right. *sigh*. 


5 thoughts on “Reprieve

  1. What a coincidence—my therapist just yesterday told her story to me, that exactly the same thing happened: two must have attached (she didn’t know) and she miscarried one, thought it was over, but one went strong (and is now 16). Of course don’t know if this is what happened, but it really does sound similar. I’ll keep holding hope for you.

  2. I am currently in my 2ww with donor eggs. Am absolutely going out of my mind trying not to test and Google every symptom I have. Hubby and I agreed we’ll wait 2 more days (7dp 5dt) before we test. I really want to test but also am afraid to. I don’t know how I can stand it if it’s a negative. After 2 years of IVF and no eggs of my own we moved on to donor eggs. I’m so tired of IVF.
    It’s really is nice to hear a success story. I hope everything goes well for you and all the best.

    • Thanks for stopping by. The TWW is hell, but the TWW with donor eggs seems even more excruciating. I’m hoping all the best for you that it works first go. Let me know how you get on! Em x

      • Hi Em
        I got my first beta today. It’s 300 something! No idea if that’s good for 16dpt. My next test is scheduled next week. So I assume things must be ok if they aren’t testing me every couple of days. Congrats on your scans. It must be a relief to hear the heart beats. I think I’m going to continue to be nervous up until we pass the 12th week invisible line.

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